Study Arms

The Design 

Participants will be randomized into 2 study arms, Arm A or Arm B. This means that the study team does not decide what arm the participants will be in. Instead, a computer program decides in a way that is like a flip of a coin. Both patients and parents will be compensated for their time.


Arm A: Usual Care + Intervention

Participants who are randomized into Arm A will receive approximately 20 professional acupressure treatments over one month of continuous hospital-based treatment or over two months of intermittent hospital-based treatment (inpatient or outpaitent). Professional acupressure will be offered to participants 5-7 days a week. Each treatment takes 15-20 minutes depending on patient need. Parents/caregivers will be trained to apply acupressure on a daily basis. Additionally, daily assessments of patient symptoms will be carried out.




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